Linked Railway Data Project Datasets

Dataset 0.1

This dataset contains information for virtually all UK railway stations and for the lines (routes) that the stations lie on. Links are included between the stations and routes, and between adjacent stations. External links are included to Wikipedia,, the National Rail Enquiries website and Stations and routes are promarily described using the rail vocabulary.

Station Data

URIs for stations take the form <> where XXX is the three-letter CRS code for the station. It is possible that the dataset is missing information for some stations; in these cases, the URI is still considered to be correct, even if no corresponding information is published currently.

Example stations:

This dataset only includes "main line" stations — it excludes London Underground stations and other local light rail schemes. Dataset 0.2 may include London Underground stations as well. For stations such as Victoria which include both main line and Underground services, the two parts of the station are considered separate stations, so you must not use <> to refer to the tube station — resources <> are currently recommended instead.

Route Data

URIs for routes take the form <> where XXX is the three-letter or three-letter-plus-one-digit Engineers' Line Reference for the route. These routes correspond to physical tracks and not necessarily to journeys for which tickets may be purchased. They are probably of limited use for most people.

Example routes:

Linked Data

For convenience, Turtle dumps are available for the links between this dataset and some external datasets: